Sunday, April 1, 2012

Marty and Spud...and things

Hi Gang:

SO...Marty and Spud launched today.  I hope everybody is reading it here and/or here.  AND, more importantly, I hope everybody is enjoying it.

To help promote the strip, I've got two offers going...A) Join the Marty and Spud website and come visit me at C2E2 and I'll do a FREE Marty and Spud sketch for you.  What a DEAL!  and, B) Join the DahlFan Army...join the Steve Dahl Podcast Network at C2E2 and I'll do a free SKETCH for you (and, if you are an existing subscriber, and you attend C2E2, I'll do a sketch for you, too).

SO...go read some comics and then come to C2E2 and get some sketches.



  1. Smile, Matt! You’ve been nominated for the prestigious Versatile Blogger Award! I’d have notified you last night but it was way past my bedtime. Had to grab some shuteye first. Cheers!