Sunday, April 1, 2012

Marty and Spud...and things

Hi Gang:

SO...Marty and Spud launched today.  I hope everybody is reading it here and/or here.  AND, more importantly, I hope everybody is enjoying it.

To help promote the strip, I've got two offers going...A) Join the Marty and Spud website and come visit me at C2E2 and I'll do a FREE Marty and Spud sketch for you.  What a DEAL!  and, B) Join the DahlFan Army...join the Steve Dahl Podcast Network at C2E2 and I'll do a free SKETCH for you (and, if you are an existing subscriber, and you attend C2E2, I'll do a sketch for you, too).

SO...go read some comics and then come to C2E2 and get some sketches.